The Worst and Best Odds in Blackjack

There are many different rules that govern blackjack games online and off. Some casinos will allow players to buy insurance, some will allow soft doubling, and some will pay higher or lower on natural blackjacks. Players should know how each of these rules affects their odds, and how to find the worst and best odds in blackjack.

Differing Payouts

One of the ways casinos play with the odds in blackjack is to alter the payouts on different wins. Some casinos will pay only even money on natural blackjacks, and some will only pay out 6 units to every 5 that were bet. These games are cheating players out of what should be a great payout for a rare hand. The best odds in blackjack payouts give players payouts of 3 to 2 on natural blackjacks. Players should avoid 6-5 or even money games so they don't miss out on some good money.

Limited Options

The worst odds in blackjack are when casinos limit the number of options for players. Some casinos don't allow players to double down after splits, effectively handicapping hands that have been split once. Others won't allow players to double soft hands, insisting that they commit to one value or another. Players should avoid tables that severely limit their options by taking away special moves.

In order for players to find the best odds in blackjack, they should play only at those tables that allow the many different options to be used and payout the way they are supposed to.