Beginners Guide for Blackjack

Though many people have played friendly games of blackjack against friends and family members in casual settings, casino blackjack can be a bit different. Understanding the basic rules and differences in the games can help players come out on top, regardless of their skill levels.

Major Differences

Casino blackjack is quite different from blackjack games played at home. This is because there are several variations of the game that may change slightly in order to increase the house's favor. These games may appear attractive to players due to exciting new rules and even higher payouts, but players must always be cautious as the house edge can increase dramatically, making it nearly impossible to beat the dealer.

The Soft 17 Debate

One of the most notorious rule fluctuations in the blackjack industry is the one that determines whether or not the dealer is required to stand on a total hand of soft 17. Since the Ace in this hand can be counted as either one or 11, the opportunity to hit is very advantageous to the dealer. On the other hand, if the dealer is required to stand, the player has a great opportunity to overcome with a higher score.

The Number of Decks and Optional Rules

While most home blackjack games are played with a single deck of cards, those played in casinos can range from one to eight-deck variants. Players should be aware that the house edge increases ever so slightly with every deck that is added to the shoe. Also, if the casino restricts players from doubling and splitting, the house edge increases even further. Players should look for casinos that use a low number of decks and that also allow doubling and splitting within reason for the best results.

Players who are interested in getting the most from casino blackjack games should remember these rules and differences in order to get a better understanding of the game in general. Not every casino is the same, and a lower house edge means a better chance for the player to win.