New Games in Blackjack

Classic blackjack is incredibly popular and is played by millions of people all over the world. Though this may be true, avid players enjoy some of the new twists that casinos create in order to spice up classic blackjack games.

Hi-Lo 13 Blackjack by Microgaming

Said to be one of the most innovative blackjack games of the century, Hi-Lo 13 Blackjack by Microgaming provides players with brand new options. The game is played like standard blackjack, but there are three side bets from which to choose. These involve one wager that the first two dealt cards will total less than 13, a wager that the first two cards will total more than 13, and a wager that the total of the first two cards dealt will equal exactly 13--one of the highest paying side bets in blackjack.

Perfect Pair

The Perfect Pair blackjack offering from Vegas Technologies also makes use of side bets to make the game itself more exciting for players. The 'Perfect Pair' being referred to here is a pair of two Diamond Jacks with a payout of 30 to one. A colored pair consists of two jacks of the same color and pays out 10 to one. Finally, two jacks of different colors and suits form a mixed pair which pays out five to one.

Blackjack Switch

Truly one of the most-loved blackjack games in the world despite its relatively high house edge is Blackjack Switch. This game allows players to handle two hands of cards at the same time, moving cards between the hands in order to create a better hand. Although this may seem like a great way for players to win more often with blackjack, the payout table has been adjusted in such a way that the house edge makes up for any player advantage.

Players who grow tired of classic blackjack and who are interested in exciting new twists may find them with Hi-Lo 13 Blackjack, Perfect Pair Blackjack or even Blackjack Switch. These can all be found online from various software providers.