Online Roulette Cheats

Roulette cheats are not a legal or ethical way to play the roulette game, but some players refuse to be deterred by these facts. Cheating at roulette is illegal and has serious consequences for players who are caught.

Past Posting

Past posting is essentially a slight of hand trick. These roulette cheats involve slipping in a late bet. The player watches to see the outcome of the spin and attempts to slip their bet onto the table after the spin is completed. The goal is to do this without the dealer noticing, but many players fail to consider the eye in the sky that is ever present in casinos.

Roulette Bots

It is believed that some live casino wheels will follow a certain pattern due to their construction and the general laws of physics. To take advantage of this pattern, some players attempt roulette cheats that use a robot to analyze the progression of the game. This must be done with a well-concealed computer, but is still nearly impossible to accomplish without getting caught. A roulette bot can be used with online roulette cheats as well, but will have limited success due to the use of random number generators to produce the results.

Dealer Advantage

Some cheats are designed to take advantage of the dealer's perceived ability to influence the wheel. Many players believe that dealers develop a skill at spinning the roulette wheel that gives them the ability to accurately predict the outcome of a spin. To use this kind of cheating, a player would need to befriend or bribe the dealer into assisting them, and both player and dealer could face repercussions.

Cheating at roulette is always a dangerous strategy and is not recommended at any time. If the temptation is too great, consider playing a simpler game, such as the slot machines, to take a break from the frenzy of the roulette wheel.