Baccarat History Online

Baccarat is considered the preferred game of online gamblers. It is the only game where a beginner can defeat an expert. This makes it especially attractive to many online gamblers. The origins of this game are shrouded in mystery. No one can be sure of what is the real truth. However Baccarat history online fortunately is not quite so confusing.

Baccarat history online cannot be understood and appreciated fully, without understanding the origins of the game itself. Historians are divided on the exact origin but most agree that it must have been sometime in the middle Ages and was originally played with Tarot Cards. One popular legend accredits the notorious Lino Bussoli of Italy with the invention of this game. Bussoli was infamous for his shady dealings and unpleasant looks. Added to his crooked nose were his ears that had been chopped off by a citizen soldier as a punishment. His infamy though has lasted mainly because he is recognized as the inventor of many such games.

The original version of Baccarat however, was first officially recorded in France where it was played by the elite. There it was called Chemin De Fer. After being outlawed in France for the second time, the game travelled to England where it was known as European Baccarat. Both these versions however are different from the online version. They did though, play a part towards contributing to Baccarat history online. Other popular versions of the game include Baccarat En Banque and American Baccarat.

No one really knows when Baccarat was introduced to America. Most people believe it was somewhere around 1950-1960 when a casino owner from Cuba, Tommy Renzoni brought it to the Sands Casino in Las Vegas just before Fidel Castro took control of Cuba and shut the casinos down. In Cuba they played the French version of the game and it is said to have reached Cuba via Argentina. However, in America the rules were changed once again and this version was called American Baccarat. This is the true origin of Baccarat history online.

Baccarat has a history in most countries. It is popular in Asia as can be seen by the number of people who visit Las Vegas every year. Vegas's Baccarat rooms have seen some of the highest of the high rollers as they come to try their luck in the glitz and glamour of Vegas. Macao a Portuguese territory in Hong Kong also has a famous Baccarat room. Here again the rules are different. Unlike the American casinos, the Portuguese tables allow multiplayer bets on a single spot at the same time. The expert dealers keep a mental track of each player's commission on the winning bets. This is a start contrast to the regulated and systematic American version. Baccarat history online started with the American version mainly because the merchant could not exercise his discretion in this one.